Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October Thanks and Amazon update!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as we traveled to South Africa to participate in their National Vineyard Conference.

Because of cost savings it was a long journey to get there with driving 530 km on very rough dirt roads to get to the Santarem airport, and then traveling another 24 hours with layovers by plane to arrive in South Africa.   We arrived very tired but it was worth it as Elba was one of the main speakers and it was an awesome privilege to be with our African brothers and sisters.  There were so many good things that happened during our trip.  The biggest highlights were meeting our Portuguese speaking African family from Mozambique and Angola.  It was really special and we are looking forward to seeing how God will expand our friendships, and lead us to work closer together.  Brazil is committed to sharing teaching material that we already have in Portuguese.  In addition, God really used a servant named AndrĂ© to speak prophetically to everyone from our Brazilian group.  We were all touched in a deep and profound way.   It was also an honor to be able to go to the Apartheid museum and learn more about Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela and the amazing adversities that they overcame to defeat apartheid.  Unfortunately, change is slow but as long as we continue to engage the conversation in productive and healthy ways, and leadership continues to dream for equality and freedom, I believe it will be achieved. 

A great reminder.

At the church, we had a baptism and as always it was a great celebration at the church.  Needless to say, it was also a great celebration in heaven as well.  Praise the Lord!  We are so happy for this public decision that they made in their lives and the great adventure that the Lord will lead them going forward.  Please keep these new believers in your prayers. 

The girls are doing well and to tell you the truth I am not sure if they really missed us while we traveled to South Africa. :-) Upon arriving back home we found and caught this snake.  We took it down to our local EPA for them to set free.  Before giving it to them, Alyssa mustered up the courage to hold the snake.  Pretty courageous.  Camilly is pictured with her cousin Apolana at one of our church events.  They are growing up so fast and turning into more beautiful women of God every day.  Also pictured, is just one of the many animals that we saw in Africa

Please pray for our city.  As I mentioned in an earlier email, it is now the number one city in Brazil for murders.  Unfortunately, things have not cooled down.  It continues and in just 2 days last week there were 7 murders, some execution style.  On top of all the other crime, it takes the level of fear to new heights for the people of Altamira.  We need your prayers that the Lord’s Kingdom will reign in this city and we will start to experience heaven on earth. 

Please also continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  

Much love, Steve, Elba, Camilly, and Alyssa

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On our long journey to get to South Africa we stopped at a restaurant in a small city.  I went to use the bathroom and I saw this “in case of emergency break glass”, with two shucked corn cobs.  I had no idea what it meant until I asked Elba.  OMG!!!  Praise the Lord for toilet paper!  Cannot believe that people actually used this as a method to get clean.  I lived such a sheltered life….in this case…..I am happy.  :-)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September Amazon Update!!!

At the church we had a big ceremony to promote purity for our young woman 12 and over in the church.  It was a really special time as each girl made a public statement to receive the ring to abstain from sex before marriage as a pact between them and God.  In addition, we hope that the girls also wear it as a constant reminder of how precious and special they are in the eyes of the Lord.  To see them as lovable young woman, and not as an object. Camilly was one of those young woman who received the purity ring.  We also gave a purity ring to Alyssa afterwards at our home.  I have 2 sets of 9 more rings to put on their hands to reinforce the point.  LOL J 

Thank you so much for your prayers for the dentist team that came and served.  It was another amazing time of serving the community and helping people with dental needs that otherwise would not be able to get easy access to this care.  The team went on the river with Richie Bouthillier and his retrofitted dental clinic boat to serve people near Porto de Moz.  Then they went the 2nd week to Santarem to serve others.  The team worked tireless hours serving the community needs.  In these short two weeks the volunteer dentist team served 544 people doing cleanings, repairing cavities, pulling teeth, and making dentures.  It was an incredible work and we pray the Lord’s hand upon them all.  It has been a pleasure partnering with Project Smile to serve the people, and share Jesus Christ. 

Here are the statistics of the people served by Project Smile in the last years.  Amazing work considering they only do this once per year for 2 weeks.  Since this project is self-funded, they are limited to only once per year.  

People Served
Procedures completed
Fluoride Rinse
Dental Kits

I turned 50 years old in August.  They had a surprise birthday party for me and my twin sister, Lynn got me this shirt which I thought was funny.  I was just thankful that my birthday did not include smashed eggs on my head with flour.  Camilly and Alyssa are doing well.  Alyssa won some more awards for academics.  YEA!!!  They stop giving out the awards after 4th grade.  We had a hover board place open in our city.  The girls went and are becoming pretty good at riding. 

Please keep us and our family in your prayers.  Elba was invited to go to South Africa and speak at their National Vineyard Conference.  We start our journey there this Friday along with several leaders.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take the girls.  They need to be in school and their aunt will be taking care of them.  Please pray for safe travels there and back, that the Holy Spirit will fill us all up more, and protection for us, the girls, our whole family, and belongings.

Please also continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.

Much love, Steve, Elba, Camilly, and Alyssa

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Alyssa found this funky looking caterpillar.  Looks dangerous to me with all its spines.  Also, Cleide and Elizangela roasted cashew nuts right off the tree for us to eat.  When the oil seeps out of the shell it create a significant fire, which in turn, roast the nuts. The girls then used a hammer to knock off the burnt shell.  Yum, good eating.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Amazon Update!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers for our regional InterVinha conference.  We had a large turnout of well over 300 people.  We held the event at the churches training center, and it was an orchestration of organization with 100’s of people sleeping at the training center each night, providing each meal, recreational time, cleaning and all the rest.  Elba and the team did an amazing job and by the grace of God it went really well.  Aside from all the logistical and physical things getting accomplished well, the conference would have been a flop without the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Praise the Lord He was alive and present. 


Our guest speaker was Gary Best from Canada and he spoke on the topic “Naturally Supernatural”.  Gary wrote a book in 2007 with this same title and it has received good reviews.  Gary spoke through the scriptures building us up to say that this is Christ plan and original idea for us today;  that we can participate in the work of God’s Kingdom and that the miracles of Jesus time are for us today as well.  After Gary’s teaching, he challenged us to do the stuff that Jesus was doing in His life and ministry.  This is not new territory for our church, and I believe that each of our churches are doing this daily.  But, it was a good reminder, and encouragement to continue to push into the Kingdom.  We had the opportunity to pray for healing, words of wisdom, and miracles.  The Holy Spirit did not fail us, and His power was felt by many.  Many people were healed physically and emotionally.  Thank you Lord!!! 

In addition to the conference, we also had Dr. Dave Keseg come and teach about first aid.  Dr. Dave is the founder of Luke’s brigade and they focus on training first aid to people who live in remote areas and with limited access to health care.  In his teachings, he focused on basic first aid, assessment of life threatening situations, and basic and essential treatment of injuries and illnesses.  All the participants learned a lot, and had a good time in the process.  They also received a certificate and a first aid kit.  Thanks Dr. Dave!

On a personal note, Camilly and Alyssa are now back in school and they are happy.  They missed seeing their friends and it was good being back together.  Also, they gained 2 “sisters”.  McKenzie and Kayla are here from the Vineyard Church of Delaware and they will be staying with us until December.  They just arrived and they are trying to get their bearings with their new life here.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

Also, please pray for our upcoming annual dentist outreach to the community.  A Dentist team is coming from Brasilia to work on the river with Richie Bouthillier, and then they will go to Santarem to work in the city and a small community about 45 kilometers away.  We appreciate all your prayers. 

Please also continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  

Much love, Steve, Elba, Camilly, and Alyssa

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Here is a picture of my nephew Apollo.  He found this owl by our house.  It was really friendly and did not mind that he picked it up and carried it around.  Who would have thought?  He put it down for the night, and then it flew away.  Pretty cool.  We love having owls around our house.  They are great in keeping the rat and cockroach population down. 

July Amazon Update!

The federal government donated a used dentist chair to “Project Smile” in Brasilia to be used at CDR.  However, we needed to go and pick it up.  We loaded the truck for our 2000 km journey and were successful in getting it back to Altamira.  The project has been such a blessing to the over 1,100 people it has served in its 3 year history.  Please keep the team in your prayers because next month we will be doing a big outreach to serve more people in the cities and along the rivers.  During our time in Brasilia Elba got to share at the church.  I really like it in Brasilia because it reminds me a bit of the US in the people, climate, and infrastructure.  However, we did not like the fact that we discovered that our tires and brakes on our truck were in bad need of replacing.  Glad to be able to change for safety sake, but bad for the sake of financial hardship.  Over a $2,000 in truck repairs and licensing fees just this month.  OUCH.  Vehicles are so expensive.  Sometimes I wish they were not such a necessity. 

We had a couples dinner at the church and it was really nice.  We feel it is important to continue to invest in marriages and give opportunity for these couples to share a special moment.  Life can be difficult and hard and sometimes it’s easy to put a backseat to our relationships with our loved ones.  Life and the attacks of the enemy are always trying to destroy, or distract us from the things that are important.  That is why it is important for us to push back, and sacrifice to make sure that we keep these as priorities.  The couples really enjoyed their time together and we encouraged lots of PDA, public display of affections.  J 

Alyssa and Elba both celebrated birthdays in July.  Alyssa had a birthday party and invited some of her friends.  She was so happy to finally be in the double digits (10). Of course, she got the traditional egg smashed on her head.  The women at the church had a potluck dinner for Elba and her twin sister Nira.  There were NO eggs smashed on Elba’s head…that tradition does not apply to her.  J  Camilly played in her first soccer tournament at school.  They played the grade ahead of them and unfortunately did not win.  However, Camilly scored all of the team’s 2 goals.  The girls are on school break and go back to school the first week in August.  Their summer vacation is a little over 1 month long. 

We have our annual church conference coming up next week, as well as some important meetings.  Please keep us in your prayers for the Lord to speak and continued guidance for us. 

Please also continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  

Much love, Steve, Elba, Camilly, and Alyssa

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I found this tarantula hawk (wasp) near our house.  It found this tarantula and it stung it which made it paralyzed.  It then carried it to a nearby hole that it dug where it will lay a single egg on the tarantula abdomen.  I found some more additional information on Wikipedia that said that when the wasp larva hatches, it creates a small hole in the spider's abdomen, then enters and feeds voraciously, avoiding vital organs for as long as possible to keep the spider alive. After several weeks, the larva pupates. Finally, the wasp becomes an adult and emerges from the spider's abdomen to continue the life cycle.  God’s amazing creation.