Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Amazon Update! Steve and Elba

For Easter we had our annual church service and breakfast in the morning but this time we did something a little different.  We also had a baptism.  We had 6 people get baptized.  It was a great morning and emotional for the people being baptized and their family members.   It is awesome watching people getting baptized.  The symbolism of letting the person be completely immersed in water being baptized into Jesus’ death on the cross and no longer being slaves to self or sin.  When they are raised out of the water they are raised into a new life in Christ and are with Him forever.  Praise the Lord and may His transforming power be upon each of them and us daily.  After the church service, we celebrated together by sharing a meal together.  Elba’s twin sister Nira loves making everything look so beautiful and good. 

As a family we had the opportunity to go to Macapá to visit with the leadership.  Macapá is the capital city of Amapa and we have had a church there for many years.  It takes about 24 hours to get there, and 36 hours to get home by boat.  Throughout the years the church has gone through a lot of ups and downs, leadership transition, and uncertainty about its future.  Just recently, the Mission sent Christopher and Denise Meyer to help support the church and leadership.  They are doing a great job with building up the leadership, promoting small groups, and training the worship team.  The church has embraced them and we walked away feeling more confident than ever about the future of the church  

Camilly turned 11 years old on April 18th.  She was so excited and was looking forward to this day so that she could celebrate her birthday with her friends.  They got to play on the trampoline, hunt for candy in the yard, have a balloon throwing contest, eat cake, and pop a BIG balloon filled with candy and flour.  She also got some gifts.  She had to guess what was in the gifts and if she was wrong, each girl would slap her arm with two fingers.  Not sure what that is all about.  Thankfully, she guessed a lot of them correctly. 

Alyssa is doing great and she is starting to read in English.  She read her 1st book with Bella Bergen and we were all impressed.  She read a Dr. Seuss book.  She also loves to draw.  She sat in front of the boat and drew when we were coming home from Macapá on our 36 hour boat ride.  Our dog also had puppies and she is doing a great job taking care of them.  We feel so blessed to have 2 wonderful daughters. 

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  Again, have a blessed Easter in celebration of Jesus resurrection.       

Much love, Steve, Elba, Camilly, and Alyssa

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