Monday, June 22, 2015

June Amazon Update! - Steve and Elba

The church had a “Pink tea party” for the women in the community.  The women members of the church were asked to invite one of their friends to come to the church to participate in the event.  They served food, played games, did a raffle giveaway, had a small fashion show, and then shared the Love of God.  It was a fun and a great way to introduce Jesus into these women’s lives who did not know Him as their Savior.  It was also a very special time for some of these woman to get a little pampered and to step away from their lives that at times can be very complicated. 

The Vineyard Institute (VI) also had its kick off here in Brazil.  Vineyard Institute is an educational provider for the Vineyard movement, formed to develop leaders at all levels of church life through high quality theological training.  Training our existing and future leaders is one of the keys to planting more churches and making more disciples.  These courses will hopefully help the leaders realize the giftings that the Lord has given to them so that they will use them to promote the Kingdom of God.  It will also assist us to instill the DNA of the church as we pass the baton onto the future generation.  We have more than 80 participants signed up in the program just here in Altamira.

We will be coming back to Ohio for the International Vineyard Conference being held at the Vineyard Church of Columbus.  Elba was honored with an invitation to speak and she will be sharing on July 9th between 2-4pm.  Please keep her in your prayer as she prepares her message and that the message she speaks will be according to the Lord’s will. 

The big highlight for this month was Camilly’s public decision to get baptized.  It was a really special moment for us as parents.  It was even more special because I got the opportunity to actually participate in her baptism.  We were all very excited.  Here is a picture of Alyssa.  She makes these bracelets and necklaces out of little rubber bands and has been selling them to the students at CDR.  She is saving up money for her trip to the States. 

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  Also, please pray for our trip back to the States and that our time may be filled with family, friends, joy, peace, safety, and more importantly full of the Holy Spirit.  Thanks!

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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One of our members during Mother’s Day being touched by the Holy Spirit.

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