Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Amazon Update! Steve and Elba Dolan

This month was really exciting because we participated in a conference with Marc Marx called "Healing on the Streets" (HOTS).   HOTS was launched out of Causeway Coast Vineyard in Colerain Ireland on Easter of 2005. Adopted by many churches the Healing on the Streets model is spreading around the world. It's a gentle, non-confrontational way of connecting with people on the streets of our cities and introducing them to Jesus.  The conference was really good and I even received a healing.  (Read below)

After the conference we put our training into practice and hit the streets.  We went to a busy part of the city, and the city traffic cops blocked the road so that we could put chairs and ask people if they needed prayer for healing.  We prayed for so many people and they were healed.  We also helped lead them into a loving relationship with Jesus.  The most verifiable healing came to Lica (1st picture).  Lica was in a horrible motorbike wreck and she broke many bones.  She was bedridden for many months.  She has been on the mend but it has been a slow process.  Her hand still had a broken bone that was clearly visible and had little mobility.  The doctors told her that they would need to re-break and reset it again.  She sat down, and the team started praying.  Christopher Meyer put his hand on top of hers and he felt the bones moving back and forth.  After they ended prayer the bone that was extruding from her hand came down significantly and she had about 90% of her movement again.  Praise the Lord!

The girls continue to do well.  However, Alyssa wanted so badly to give Camilly a gift, and actually, Camilly wanted to receive the gift with great eagerness.  Well she got…Chicken Pox…. and she was not happy.  We always need to be careful what we ask for.  Alyssa is learning how to play the flute.  She is learning Christmas songs like O Holy Night, and Jingle Bells.  She has pretty much mastered the songs.  Both Camilly and Alyssa would like to play songs for us during Christmas.  Camilly on the keyboard, and Alyssa on the flute.

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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My healing came in the form of a leg growth.  I always knew I had one leg shorter than the other because of x-rays and confirmation by Chiropractors.  One of the other missionaries, Jen, also had the same problem and her leg grew.  Athila (the Central Senior Pastor) started pushing me to sit down to see if I would get a healing.  Out of embarrassment I sat down.  There were about 40 people surrounding me, and I was nervous.  I mean, what if nothing happened.  Marc grabbed my legs and confirmed what I already knew.  He started praying and I felt something pulling my leg, I looked at my leg because I thought he was the one pulling it.  However, his hands were not even close to my calf.  Then I saw my leg grow, and everyone gasped so loudly.  It was amazing.  Afterwards, I started walking on it and it felt so weird because I was landing so much quicker.  What an amazing experience….I still questioned if it really happened….but in the end, I know God touched me, and many others.  Pr. Athila after seeing what happened with me, jumped into the seat immediately so that God would heal him….He did.   

Elba's sister Elbaleine was in the hospital and Elba went to be there with her and to pray for her.  During her time with her sister another woman came in with a terribly swollen and infected foot.  Elba felt God tugging on her to go and pray for her and she did.  Once she started praying she heard bones cracking and then the lady's swelling was gone and she had complete mobility.  She was so amazed at the power of prayer that she asked Elba to put her hands on her head because in her words "my life is a mess".  Elba then shared God's love for her and the lady left the hospital.  After her visit with her sister, Elba left the hospital and saw the lady that she prayed for outside talking to a bunch of people and she started screaming "there's the lady with the holy hands".  This was so embarrassing for Elba and she reaffirmed that it was not her but Jesus that healed her.  Elba also prayed for her sister, and nothing happened and she is still not well.  These are the things that are difficult because one person gets a healing, and another does not.  But should we give up?  No, we need to keep pressing in, and just keep praying. 

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