Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Amazon Update!

As promised from our last email updated I wanted to share about CDR.  CDR, our non-governmental organization has continued it’s focused on social service outreaches throughout the community and assisting the underprivileged, plus helping people come into a deeper relationship with Jesus.  This month we had a free dental clinic at CDR for one week.  We had 2 dentists and 3 helpers from our sister church in Brasilia come to Altamira to help people in the community get free dental treatment.  It was such a blessing to the community.  Many people just could not believe how professional and nice they were treated.  We converted one of the school rooms into the dental clinic and they served over 100 people with 267 procedures just in our city alone.  In addition, we did fluoride treatments for 226 children, as well a clinic to teach the children how to care for their teeth. 

The following week the dentists headed out by boat to treat people living on the river.  They converted the boat, and even the church into a dental clinic to serve the needs of the people.  The dental needs along the river were very severe.  They were able to treat 110 people with over 250 procedures done.  Most of the procedures done were teeth extractions.  Of the over 250 procedures, there were a total of 141 teeth extracted.  OUCH!  This is due to people along the river not having good access to healthcare, and dental accessories.  The dentists were desperate to save their teeth but they were too far gone.  We had one gentlemen get 15 teeth pulled.  In addition, we did fluoride treatments for 181 children plus taught them and the adults how to care for their teeth.  After the dental services, the team had the opportunity to share God’s word and pray for people. 

One of our English classes taught by Cleide learned a worship song called “No place than I rather be”. Please check it out it is only 1:36.  We think that they did a pretty good job.  We hope you think so as well. 

The girls are doing great.  We were very blessed to have my twin sister Lynn come and visit.  She helped out tremendously with the dental team and it was so nice to have her here with us.  She really enjoyed her time here getting to know everyone.   She loved every moment, except for the cockroaches (almost all the houses here have them…including ours) and all the other little crawling things.  It was sad to see her leave.L  Here is a picture of Camilly getting her teeth cleaned.  She is being comforted by Alyssa and Hanna.  Alyssa has chicken pox and by the grace of God is doing well. 

It is with a sad heart that we write about the death of my niece last Saturday, Caitlin Dolan.  She was found in the bathroom not breathing because of an overdose of heroin.  The doctors did everything that they could but she did not survive.  We are completely shocked by her death.  Please pray for my brother, Kris, Michelle (Mom), Courtney (sister) and Nick (brother).  I cannot even imagine how they must be feeling.  They will be having the showing this Wednesday October 15th and the funeral on Thursday.  Please also pray for our whole family, it has not been an easy year.  Caitlin was an organ donor and she donated many of her organs to help others in need. 

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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