Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Amazon Update!

Anderson has spent most of his life working on farms taking care of cattle, breaking horses, going to rodeos, traveling extensively, and drinking a lot.  A rough and tough lifestyle.  He has been running this lifestyle all the while being married, and having two daughters.  His wife Roseanne has been raising a family like a single parents throughout this whole time.  It has been very tough for their family and for the children.  When he does finally come home his little children do not even acknowledge him.  Roseanne has such a giving, servant heart and has been very faithful to him and their family.  She serves at the church faithfully, and prays for her husband regularly.  Last month, while he was in town, he came to church and heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  He responded by accepting God into his life, and there were lots of tears throughout the congregation, especially Roseanne.  This is an answer to prayer, and it is Anderson’s desire to change his ways and get focused on the important things in life.  Please pray for Anderson and his family that he will overcome the many challenges that face him and that he will refocus his priorities to the Lord and his family.  As well as the other lives being surrendered over to the Lord. 
A couple of years ago Brazil started the work at Belo Monte to create the 3rd largest hydroelectric dam in the world.  It is massive.  Our somewhat little sleepy town was essentially turned upside down trying to accommodate the huge influx of people.  This has presented many challenges and opportunities.  During this time we have had the honor to meet new people and help guide them into a relationship with God.  There has been much fruit and just the other night we drove about 60 kilometers to participate in one of our home groups at the job site.  The home group had lots of people in attendance new and old.  The leader is passionate about helping people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  Elba had the opportunity to share and during the prayer time it felt like God was touching people’s hurts, losses, and health. 
In these communities where the workers and their families live, there are no churches.  We are so fortunate for the Lord’s favor to be able to have some home churches to the over 10,000 people that live in this area.  Please pray for more continued favor, and expansion of the home churches. 
The family is doing well.  Elba enjoyed her trip back to the States especially since it was not freezing.  She sent us pictures of her eating Donatos pizza which was not a loving act.  We tried to send her pictures of us eating rice and beans but it had no effect.J The girls are doing well.  CDR started teaching keyboard to anyone who is interested.  Camilly jumped at the opportunity and she is loving it.  Pictured below is Camilly learning how to play, and read musical notes with her teacher, Apolana.  Alyssa was playing hockey in the house.  She found a stick, a snorkel, and a ball and she was set to go.  Here is a picture of her worship and praying to Jesus. 
Please continue to pray for our spiritual, and emotional health.  Also, please pray for an outreach that we are doing right now with our sister church in Brasilia.  They brought some dentist here to serve the needy, and will be going out on the river to serve the people of the community.  Please pray that it will go well and that people would draw closer to God through their acts of faithfulness.  I will write more on the next monthly email. 
Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa
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