Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Amazon Update!

This month we were blessed to have 2 short term mission teams come and minister from The Vineyard Church of Delaware County and the Vineyard Cleveland.  It was such a joy to have them here on so many levels.  It is a challenge to write this month’s email because it is very difficult to quantify and give full justice to the blessing of each of the teams. 

The Vineyard Church of Delaware County came and we spent time visiting several river communities in the Portel area.  After their time on the river they lead a vacation bible school in the city.  Richie Bouthillier just started a church in Portel and this was the first time that we got to do some church services along the river.  It was really awesome.  During the day we played soccer with the people of the community to create friendships, and then in the evening we had a church service.  The places that we held the service were very simple, but the presence of the Lord was alive and strong.  We saw some people be healed, and give their lives to the Lord.   Praise the Lord!

The team from The Vineyard Church of Cleveland ministered to people along the Xingu River.  After their time on the river the team led a two day evangelistic conference at one of our churches along the Transamazon highway called Brasil Novo.  This was such a special blessing to the church and the surrounding community.  During the day we made house to house visits inviting people to come to the church service.  We also had the opportunity to pray for people in their homes and we were received well by almost all the houses.  During the ministry time at church people were being healed spiritually, mentally, and physically.  After the conference, the team continued their travels of more than 320 miles along the dusty and rough roads of the Transamazon Highway so they could minister to our churches in UruarĂ¡, and Santarem.  These guys were real troopers and the Lord not only used the team to bless others, but I believe the team was incredibly blessed throughout their whole time here. 

The pastor in Santarem was so touched because of the teams visit because during the ministry time God used one of the team leader to impart some very precious words to him.  He felt so uplifted and encouraged that he said that he would not have traded this time with the team for any treasure here on this earth.  Are you interested in going on a short term mission team or bringing down a team from your church?  Would you like to come and work side by side with the church?  We have so many opportunities and places you can come to minister.  Write me back and let’s talk. 

Here are some family pictures.  Elba celebrated a birthday on the 18th of July.  We got a good picture of Camilly with this wood carved image of an Indian.  Alyssa got to feed some fish literally by hand.

Please continue to pray for our spiritual, and emotional health. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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If you do come down to Brazil, you might not want to come during your birthday.  Terry from the Cleveland team got the Brazilian egg and flour treatment.  Happy Birthday Terry.  Thanks for being such a great sport.  Missionary Allison Rupert loved every moment. 

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