Sunday, July 20, 2014

June Amazon Update!

The big highlight of this month was going to Pacajá which is about 155 miles to participate in the first church service in their brand new church / community center.  Elba got the privilege to preach at their first church service in the new building.  Keith and Marsha Wilson, and Ferriera and Fernanda Sousa have been working diligently to grow the church, and help people come into an intimate relationship with Christ.  They have been doing an excellent job which was so evident because the place was packed.  Their lives of dedication to the people of Pacajá, and responding to the call of God is a testimony to God’s work through them to touch others.  It is exciting to see God expanding His kingdom in Pacajá.  Please pray for the Wilsons, the Sousas, and that the Holy Spirit will continue to move in greater ways. 

The news has been filled with protests here in Brazil, and a lot of the protests have become violent.  The people are protesting against the poor infrastructure, education and healthcare systems.  We gathered many people throughout the city to have a March for Jesus.  Our gathering was very peaceful, and filled with joy and prayers.  We walked around the city praying for sick people in the hospitals, for our elected officials, and for God’s peace and mercy to rule and reign throughout this city, and throughout Brazil.  Elba’s voice was almost gone after the event as she helped lead the troops into prayers and spoke God’s word throughout the city. 

We had a bunch of people come over to our house for the first soccer match against Croatia.  Brazilians love their soccer just as much as Ohioan’s love their Ohio State Football.  Everything essentially closes down during the games.  Camilly and Alyssa school is letting them out early so everyone can watch the game today against Mexico.  Here is a picture of everyone watching every moment intensely, and then celebrating a goal.  Priceless.  The next picture is our family before going to the March for Jesus.  Pictured with us is our nephew Apollo, he lives next door. 

Thanks for your prayers for us to be healed of our sicknesses.  Praise the Lord we are feeling much better.  Thanks.  There are still a lot of people throughout the city with infections, stomach pains, and fevers.  Please pray that this illness would be gone, and please continue to pray for our spiritual, and emotional health. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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If you look closely you can see Camilly on top of the truck.  She was helping Mom share the Good News during the March for Jesus. 

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