Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Amazon update!

Thank you so much for your consideration to donate to us and our ministries.  It is a blessing.  We pray you enjoy the below email.   To donate online please click
This month we had a free dental clinic at CDR.  As you are aware, CDR is our community outreach center.  We had 2 dentists and 3 helpers from our sister church in Brasilia come to Altamira to help people in the community get free dental treatment.  It was such a blessing to the community.  Many people just could not believe how professional and nice they were treated.  We converted Elba’s office into the dental clinic and they served over 170 people.  We also did a clinic to teach the children how to care for their teeth, and gave them fluoride treatments. 
Elba led a weeklong conference at our training camp for some pastors that live outside of the city.  The conference focused on our values, and essentially who we are as a church.  It was a very fruitful time for the pastors because they had the opportunity to reconnect with their fellow laborers, and get a refreshment course on our core values. 
Also, this month we celebrated Children Day’s in Brazil.  Children’s day is a National holiday.  We had a big showing at the church with lots of children participating in the fun.  We had clowns, a play about the love of Christ, and various games, such as tug of war, face painting, bowling, fishing, and potato sack races.  The members of the church came out in force to make this a special day for the children.
On a personal note, we are planning to come back to the States on December 6th.  We should arrive in Ohio on December 23rd and will be leaving the early part of February.  We are excited to see our family and friend.  We are also excited to see my Dad.  He has been recovering well.  He started his 7 weeks of chemo and radiation treatments on Monday October 21st.  This will be a tough go for him, so please continue to keep praying for him.  Thanks!!! 
Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa


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I found this pray mantis on our shelf and I got a good picture. 

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