Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Amazon Update!

This month the church went to the river and held a baptism.  There were 17 people that got baptized and the presence of the Lord was touching people.  I really love watching people getting baptized along the river.  First, I like the public testimony that it gives to people in the community.  Second, I love that during the baptism the church is along the river singing and worshiping God.  Lastly, the symbolism of letting the person be completely immersed in water being baptized into Jesus’ death on the cross and no longer being slaves to self or sin.  When they are raised out of the water they are raised into a new life in Christ and are with Him forever.  Praise the Lord and may His transforming power be upon each of them and us daily. 

At the church we had our annual Easter breakfast. We started the morning by worshipping the Lord, and then Elba shared a short message about the resurrection of Christ.  Then we celebrated the good news that Jesus is alive by eating breakfast together.  Members of the church prepared food at their house and then brought it to the church for all to enjoy.  We also cooked tapioca pancakes with butter on the stove.  This was a big hit.  Afterwards, we placed candy around the church and the children went looking for it.  This may have been the first time that these kids have ever hunted for candy on Easter.  It was a big success. 

The pastors always get the dirty work. 

The girls had a great Easter as well.  They got to participate in a chocolate candy hunt in our backyard and at the church, plus they also helped color eggs for the Easter breakfast at the church.  Below is a picture of them with the eggs that they colored.  Also, there is a picture of them after the baptism swimming in the river with their friend Eduarda.  The last picture is Camilly playing teacher with Manoela, Alyssa and her stuffed doll that my Mom made as her students.  I have never seen a teacher with a ruffled scarf. 

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us.  Also, pray for Elba for safe travels and wisdom as she is teaching about church planting in Brasilia and Palmas.  Lastly, please pray for Allison as they start an English alpha circle this Friday at CDR.

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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