Monday, October 1, 2012


Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Elba and us.  We got Elba’s lab results on one of the lumps in her breast and they identified it as an abscess called mastitis.  The normal treatment is antibiotics but she has already been through many cycles with no effect.  Elba left this morning to Marabá to have a specialist examine the abscess with the possibility of them surgically removing.  Also, the specialist would like to get a biopsy of another lump deeper within her breast.  If they decide to remove the abscess Elba would need to stay in the hospital for 7 days to receive antibiotics via IV. 

Considering our remoteness, it was good for her to go to a larger city as the medical services are more advanced.  The problem is that we will not be able to go with her to support her in person.  The girls are in school and cannot miss this amount of days.  If they do, they will be held back for a year.  We are somewhat OK with this because we realize that this is the reality of our situation. 

The procedures will be performed at a private hospital which is somewhat unknown for us because the doctors and hospital will not give us an estimate of how much it will cost to perform the procedures.  We are not sure if Elba has to pay before getting the procedure as they do not accept health insurance from the States.   When Elba had an emergency C-section to have Camilly they would not let us in the hospital until we paid for the room and services upfront.   Will they do the same?  Lots of unknowns on many levels, but thankfully, the Lord is in control and we feel His presence upon us. 

Please pray for Elba and for a successful surgery if that is the route they choose, and all the other details will go very well.  We will keep you posted as we hear more. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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