Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Amazon Update

We had an “encounter with God” weekend retreat for the men and women on two separate weekends.  The retreat is a time of teaching biblical principles and allowing the participant to spend devoted time to gain more of an intimate relationship with God.  During the weekend, there are a series of teachings that are presented to help the individual establish or deepen their relationship with God, help lead them through times of forgiveness and healing, and let God take their hurts, fears, doubts, and burdens and bring them to a place of freedom and restoration.
The teachings are also focused on God and what He can and wants to do in your life. Time is provided so that each person can interact with God on an individual basis.   During these encounters with God, God was healing people, and delivering them from their pain, fears, and strongholds.  One of the more powerful things during the retreat was when we write down our sins on a piece of paper and then burn it at the cross.  It was great and a great reminder that if we confess our sins and bring them to the Lord, He will forgive and forget!

I also had the opportunity to share at the retreat to all the married couples about our roles as men in our marriage. 

Not to be outdone by Mom and Dad, the children also had a weekend retreat and Camilly and Alyssa participated.  They had such a great time at the retreat with over 80 children participating.  They had some teachings about Jesus, played a lot of games, saw some skits, dressed up, danced, and Camilly said that she was touched by the Holy Spirit.  That’s awesome.  When they got to the church after the weekend retreat, Camilly and Alyssa participated in the worship band and sang a song.  It was a great weekend all around for them and us. 

Elba is starting to feel better and it appears that the infection is going away.  Praise the Lord!  We are so appreciative that we can come to our brother and sister and they are there to intercede for us to God.  Thank you so much!

Please pray for a complete healing for Elba, as well as our whole family.  Thanks in advance. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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