Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Amazon Update

One of the benefits of being a missionary is receiving short term mission teams.  The Vineyard Columbus sent a team here led by Sue and Mike Burkett and they held a healing conference for all the churches.  It was a great time and we saw people get healed physically, mentally and spiritually.  One of the big healings was when Mike Burkett was praying for a young woman who lost her hearing in one of her ears.  They prayed and after praying asked if she could hear.  She said “I can hear a little bit and she felt like her ear was burning”.  Mike said “let’s keep praying”.  They kept praying and in the end this young girl said that she was able to hear completely again.  What a miracle! 

We were hoping that the miracles would transcend onto Elba and that she would be completely healed of the infection in her breast.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Please continue to pray for Elba.  The infection / cyst in her breast continued to grow and be very painful.  She went to the doctors and they drained out a lot of the infection and also got a biopsy.  They are sending the sample to Belo Horizonte because there is no place to get it tested here.  Please join us in prayer that the results will lead us in the right direction to get this completely healed.  We are very grateful for doctors and medicine but would love to have God heal her. 

We had a large windstorm and it brought down one of the cell towers that is located next to CDR, the Mission and our house.  The storm just came out of nowhere and caused a lot of damage.  Alyssa was outside jumping on the trampoline having the time of her life.  Praise the Lord nothing happened to her when a large branch came smashing down into our house.  Aside from the tower going down and damage to our house, the church and guest house lost parts of their roofs, as well as many other houses in the area. 

Personally, I celebrated a birthday in August.  Brazilian custom sometimes dictates that you will get an egg and flour smashed on your head.  The whole day I was walking around on eggshells, no pun intended.  Every time I would turn around, Camilly would have an egg in her hand ready to pounce.  She was relentless.  So instead of feeling the constant pursuit, I gave in, and let Camilly, Alyssa and Apollo smash eggs on my head.  Can anyone say “payback!”? 

Please pray for a complete healing for Elba, as well as our whole family.  Thanks in advance. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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