Monday, August 13, 2012

August Amazon Update

One of Elba’s passions, and the Xingu Mission’s DNA, is training leaders.  We were given the opportunity to pray and bless these new pastors at the Mirante Church.  These new pastors have shown great faith, excellent character, a calling, and a full desire to follow Jesus with all their heart.  We are so proud them.  Keith and Marsha are now serving in Pacajá and will be accompanied by Ferreira and Fernanda in the next couple of months (  Cleiton and Cristiane are serving Mirante as our youth pastors, and João is serving as our men’s and mission’s pastor.  As a church, and personally, we are so fortunate to have each of them in our lives.  We believe they will be great pastors and they will be instrumental in moving the Kingdom of God forward in Brazil. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for our trip to Pacajá, Marabá, and Palmas.  We are now back safely after traveling around 3000 kilometers.  Our bodies arrived back busted up due to the rough terrain but praise the Lord we had a very good trip.  It was so good to see our friends who are serving faithfully to spread the Gospel.  Pacajá is just starting out and Keith and Marsha are getting to know their neighbors and building a bridge of friendship so that they can invite them to have a full relationship with Jesus.  The Marabá and Palmas churches are teaming with life.  Both are young churches with a younger congregation.  It is full of energy and God is working in their midst.  When I was in my teens I was everywhere else except in church.  Because of my past, it always seems strange to me to see the youth in church celebrating God.  It was just not what I did.  However, I am so glad because I know that if these youth follow in the ways of the Lord, they will not make the same dumb mistakes or immoral decisions that I made.  I know that their lives will be so much better in the future because of their decision to follow Jesus. 

Elba celebrated a birthday in July as well.  Alyssa’s birthday was on the 4th and Elba’s was on the 18th.  We surprised Elba with a small party, and some of the members of our church bought us dinner at one of the local restaurants.  We had a really nice time together.  Below is a picture of Alyssa.  One evening, the lights went out and it was very dark.  Alyssa got a candle and told us in her sincere voice that she was going to her room to have some quiet time with God.  We smiled and our hearts shined brightly.  Actually, we thought she was just saying it but I peeked into her room and was able to get this sweet picture of Alyssa with her bible.  Lord, may this be a glimpse of both Camilly and Alyssa lives forever.

Please pray for Elba.  She had to return to Marabá last Sunday because of an infection / cyst in her breast.  She has been on antibiotics for the last couple of months and it still has not gone away.  During our visit in Marabá she visited a specialist and he put her on a stronger antibiotic.  Unfortunately, it has not gotten better.  She returned back to Marabá so the doctor can drain it and run some test.  Generalize medicine is available here but for things requiring specialty medical care you need to go to a larger city.  This is one of the big drawbacks about living in a remote area.  Please pray for a complete healing for Elba, as well as our whole family.  Thanks in advance. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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I took this picture while we were visiting Palmas.  It was a beautiful waterfall and the water was FREEZING.  What a relief to the very hot weather. 

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