Monday, May 21, 2012

May Amazon update

As we mentioned in our last blog update we postponed the baptism for two weeks because of the death of one of our church members.  We had the baptism along the Xingu River and 5 people were baptized.  The people being baptized were really touched by the Holy Spirit as they were symbolically going down into the water to die to their old self, and then being raised again as a new creature in Christ.  As a congregation, we sang worship songs along the side of the river and then prayed for the people being baptized.  On a really cool not, one of the men being baptized was listening to a worship song “sweetly broken” which spoke to his heart and eventually drew him into a relationship with Christ.  Without knowing about this man’s connection to this song, the worship team started singing that song during his baptism.  We serve such a good God!  Afterwards, we all came back to our house and had a barbeque to celebrate this important occasion for these followers of Christ. 

We also held a meeting this month to help encourage our married couples in the life of marriage.  We had a lot of fun playing some games, eating a meal, and then showing a video.  The games that we played were to have the wife hold the man’s wedding ring in her mouth.  Then she had to run to her husband and put the ring on a straw that the man was holding in his mouth.  Another game was called “3 in 1”.  The couples had to do three things for one minute each.  First, the couples had to kiss for 1 minute.  Then for another 1 minute the husband had to carry his wife, and then for the last minute, the wife had to cuddle the husband.  They had a lot of fun and the winner of the games got a brand new bible.  The video that we watched was about how to protect your marriage from the traps of this world so that we can have long and joyous marriages. 

Camilly turned 7 years old on April 18th.  We cannot believe how time goes by so quickly.  For her birthday she invited a couple of her friends over to play and eat some cake.  It was a very simple party but they loved it, especially the ultra cool sunglasses.  Camilly was ecstatic about the pair of shoes she received.  All in all she had a great time on her birthday and she ate up all the attention. 

Please continue to pray for spiritual, physical, and emotional health for us. 

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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I found this beetle in one of our trees and I thought it looked really cool and unique.  It is definitely a bugs life here in the Amazon. 

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