Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazon Update

First, let me thank you for your prayers for Elba. Elba went to Chicago to speak at the National Woman’s Conference for Vineyard Churches. It was a tough trip for her because it was so far from us, and because this was the first time she had ever shared at the national level. Thanks to your intercession, the Holy Spirit guided her through her message and many people have said that it was powerful! They said that Elba “ROCKED”; another person said “OUCH” because they were convicted deeply by God. We were so happy to hear that everything went well, and we are also very happy that she is now home with us again.

Elba brought a present back with her: my mom, my sister and my brother-in-law. Elba’s parents are also visiting, so we have a full house. We are very excited to spend time with our family!

The girls are being spoiled by their grandparents and loving every minute of it. Camilly got a new ballerina outfit and Alyssa got a new princess outfit, plus whole lot more. We are very happy that our family got the opportunity to come and visit.

This month we had our bi-annual regional “InterVinha” in Altamira at the Mirante church, a gathering of leaders from all the Vineyard churches in the region. We had four speakers come and share about various topics such as home groups, missions and worship. The theme of the conference was how to be a relevant church to the community. Sometimes it is very easy to just focus on the church and the body of Christ, but we need to remember to continue to press out into the lives of those around us that do not know Jesus. I was able to capture this panoramic photo of the Holy Spirit ministering to His people.

Please continue to also keep us in your prayers for spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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