Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amazon Update

We’ve had a very special month at church. The Spirit of the Lord was moving within people to make decisions for Christ. It’s always wonderful to see people start this journey with Jesus and allow Him to work in their lives. One of the people that accepted Christ is a city council person. He is very good man and has helped the poor in our area tremendously. The doctors told him that he did not have much time to live because he has had three strokes, uses only 60% of lung capacity (heavy smoker), and has prostate cancer. The day he was leaving to go on the trip to see some doctors, he was so scared because he thought for sure that he was going to die. We sat down with him and listened to all of the struggles that he was going through. Then we shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ. After we prayed for him, Jesus renewed his faith and he was not scared. He went that day to see the doctors and they ran another battery of test for his prostate and lungs. The numbers for his prostate came back very low and he had improvement in his lungs. Praise the Lord for continuing to use our church to draw people close to Him and for his healing power.

Clyde and Kelsie Bergquist, who are missionaries planting churches in both Uruará and Maribel, found this little boy in desperate need of a wheelchair. Praise the Lord there was one available and we were able to bless this boy. Wheelchairs are cost prohibited and we were happy to be able to give a helping hand to this family. We understand this to be a very difficult situation for the family because the mom is very young and rebellious and doesn't take care of her son very well. The Bergquists believe that God is calling them to embrace this family and show the love of Jesus and His great mercy. In addition, since the Bergquist are just starting to plant seeds in Uruará, the wheelchair went a long way to promote goodwill with the people. Please pray for the Bergquists that the Lord will contin
ue to move in power with their new church planting efforts in Uruará and Maribel, as well as this boy and his family.

Guess who lost their first tooth? Camilly came up to Elba and I and said that her tooth was getting loose. She continued to play with it the rest of the day and it became even looser. She was getting excited because she was moving into the next phase of her becoming a big girl. She wanted to pull the tooth. We got some string and tied it around the tooth. I then tied it to the bathroom door and then slammed the door as hard as possible….Just kidding….We then gave her the string and within 1 minute she pulled the tooth. She is so brave. She was so excited and almost immediately put the tooth underneath her pillow in hope that the tooth fairy would bring her a designer purse. Designer purse!!! What happened to the quarter that I received when I was a boy? In the end, she woke up to R$1.00 and complained that she did not receive her purse. Well, she still has 20 more teeth, maybe in the end she will be able to afford that purse. ;-)

Please continue to also keep us in your prayers for spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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