Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Update

This month we had 40+ men participate in a conference called “Men’s Revival”. The teachings were about the role of men in the Kingdom of God, their home, and the community. One of the big problems with men in this community is that they have become lackadaisical in their roles as men. Typically, the women make all the decisions, care for the children, and work to financially sustain the house. (Personally, I thought this was the role of the women and I loved it! LOL.) The men’s attitude is “Heck, if she can do it, let her do it. Then I do not have to bear any of the responsibility.” The messages at the conference were tough about how we as men need to get back into the game of life and back to the plan that God has for us. The conference, as of almost two weeks later, seems to be sticking with the guys because we have heard positive comments from their wives and friends.

Another very exciting event this month was that 5 people were baptized into Christ. Some of the congregation came out along the Xingu River to watch their brothers and sisters in Christ make their public declaration to Christ. They worshiped along the river edge while they were being baptized. Afterwards, we all went to our house and had a big barbecue. It was a good day.

Jim, Sharon, Patty and our family went to the trash dump and to local houses to give away clothes, shoes, and toys to the adults and kids. The adults and kids work at the trash dump collecting aluminum cans, 2-liter plastic bottles, and anything else of value. We took Camilly and Alyssa because it is very important to us to show them that they are so blessed to have what they have and to demonstrate the blessings of giving. I think it worked because the other day, Camilly asked if we could bake a cake and bring it to the people at the trash dump. We plan to make another visit.

Please keep our church in your prayers. The church leaders and members decided that they would like to buy 2 evaporative A/C coolers for the church. The cost is R$20,000 for the both of them. The church is selling raffle tickets for R$1.00 and the grand prize is a Honda Biz. The church would also like to lay tile which will cost another R$20,000. Please pray that the church will make all the money necessary for these two projects.

Please continue to also keep us in your prayers for spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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