Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Update

As a leader of the National movement in Brazil, Elba is responsible to go and visit churches in the Northern part of Brazil. Last month Elba and I left on 24 hour boat trip to visit a church in Macapá. The main purpose of the trip was to encourage the church and appoint one of their leaders to be the new pastor because the church had been going through many organizational changes. Elba appointed Jeude as the new pastor. Jeude is a single woman and loves the Lord. Outside of Jeude’s responsibilities at the church, she is a fulltime teacher. Our visit was very encouraging and we have great hope that the Lord is going to build up His people through this church. We believe that with the new leadership that the church is going to take off. Please keep Jeude and the Macapá church in your prayers.

Fernando and Marcia used to be leaders at the Mirante church. They worked with us for many years and then decided to move to another city called Palmas over 620 miles away. Before they left we encouraged them to continue in the work of the Lord and to start a home church. A year later they now have a thriving little home church. We sent Nira (Elba’s twin sister) to go and encourage the church and to baptize some of their new believers. Personally, I love this church plant because it has had very little influence from foreign missionaries and was planted by the local church. This is great because it fulfills one of our biggest objectives as a mission which is to start a National church planting movement. Please keep Fernando and Marcia, and their home church in your prayers.

Guess who is going to school? Yes, Camilly and Alyssa are both going to the same school. They go to school in the morning which is always tough to get them motivated. But once they get there they really enjoy their time. Camilly is still scared that we are going to forget her and not pick her up. So, each morning, I have to give her pinky promises that I will pick her up. Once I give her my pinky promise her anxiety calms down. Please keep us as a family in your prayers. OK? Pinky promise?

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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