Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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In July we had a large 3 night conference at our church. There were about 700+ people in attendance. The conference was really good. There was a great time of worship and the spirit of the Lord was among the people. The youth performed dances and plays demonstrating the love of Christ. Chris Weins from Canada preached that night and made the following comment about one of the things that happened that evening After this we broke into three categories of ministry time. Interesting ~ the largest group was the one for deliverance. One girl I witnessed fell on the floor and began to shriek, it made my skin crawl. I asked a few people to help move her to the side and then the real power showed up. Elba, the pastor of the church walked over and said to the demon, shut up and listen to me, in Jesus name get out! As simple as that, it was gone and the girl was calm, too cool huh? I love the authority we have over the enemy in the name of Jesus.”

A couple of days before we left to come back to the States the guys at the church got together to build a one room schoolhouse on stilts in a remote area of the Xingu. About 25 students that live in the surrounding area will utilize the school during the week and then in the future we are going to be holding church services during the weekend. It was a lot of work with cutting wood and lifting these massively heavy pieces into place, but in two day we were able to get the roof completed. The walls and the floors will be completed at a later date.

On a personal note, Elba celebrated her birthday on July 18th with her twin sister Nira. The church planned a surprise party for them and they were surprised. It was a lot of fun for them. The girls love their time back in the States. We had an overnight in Miami and when we got to the hotel Camilly was just amazed at how soft all the couches were and how pretty everything looked. She looked up at Elba and said “Mom, this is amazing, can we live here in the hotel?” It was pretty funny. Below are pictures of the girls at Chucky Cheese and playing in the swimming pool at Grandma’s house with their cousin Trey. Also, please pray for a complete healing for Alyssa, she has been having some fevers and a bad cough.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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