Thursday, June 24, 2010

June update

We had the great privilege to purchase 7 more wheelchairs for children throughout Altamira that were in need. The World Health Organization states that over 25 million people around the world are immobile and without money to buy a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are very expensive; in fact, the cost of one here in Brazil is about 4 months salary which is so much money for families of disabled children. They want to be able to provide for their child but when you are living hand to mouth, a wheelchair becomes unrealistic. Below is a picture of Micelly, she is 4 years old and is unable to talk or walk. With this new wheelchair, Micelly and her family now have greater freedom and choice, because, unfortunately, without being mobile the family as well as their child, are stuck in their house. We are so grateful and praise God for the help from the Matt Dolan Foundation to help purchase these wheelchairs.

Thank you for your prayers while Elba and I were in Brasilia at the National Vineyard Conference. It was really good to see our brother and sisters in Christ and share in the successes and struggles of ministry. There were about 200 people in attendance with some people coming as far as the USA, Canada, and England. Below is a picture of Elba sharing about church planting at one of the workshops. We were gone a total of 14 days from the girls and it was difficult. Praise God everything went well with the girls, and that we had safe passage back and forth to and from Brasilia, except, we did get sideswiped by a semi truck which broke our rear reflector, and just as we were approaching our home from the long 2 day drive, a rock hit our windshield and broke it. BOOO! However, that was soon forgotten when we saw the girls’ smiling faces running to greet us when we arrived at our house. That was precious. Here is a youtube video of the conference:

On a personal note, all of Brazil, as well as most of the world, are pumped up for the world cup. That is no exception for the girls and Apollo. Below is a picture of them in their native Brazilian colors. Go Brazil! For me, Go USA! In addition, we just ended the rainy season but for one last good measure, the girls along with Apollo, got to play in the rain.

Love and blessings, Steve, Elba, Camilly and Alyssa

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